V-Tac 12W LED trädgårdarmatur
Svart, med spjut, IP65, 230V

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Vacker svart 12W LED trädgårdslampa med spjut.

Ger vacker belysning längs uppfart, trädgårdsvägar, parkområden etc.

Material: Pulverlackerad aluminium.

Kabellängd: 35 cm

Introducing the V-Tac 12W LED trädgårdarmatur - the perfect solution for your outdoor lighting needs. With a power output of 12W, this LED light is designed to replace traditional 60W bulbs, providing you with energy-efficient lighting options that are both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Designed to operate on 230V, this LED trädgårdarmatur delivers a bright and focused beam of light with an output of 720 lumens, and a narrow beam angle of 30 degrees, ensuring that the light is concentrated where it is needed most. The high-quality light output has an RA value of 80-85, which means that it provides a natural and beautiful light that accurately represents all colors.

Available in a neutral white shade (4000K), this LED light provides the perfect balance between brightness and comfort. Without any blue or yellow tones, this light creates a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for any outdoor space.

Measuring 255 x Ø73 mm, this LED trädgårdarmatur is built to withstand the elements. With an IP65 rating, it is resistant to water splashes and rain, making it ideal for use in outdoor spaces. The light also comes with an integrated light source, which means that it is easy to install and requires no additional components.

Overall, the V-Tac 12W LED trädgårdarmatur is a reliable and efficient lighting solution for any outdoor space. With its energy-saving capabilities, high-quality light output, and durable construction, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their outdoor lighting.

Populära köp:
- V-Tac svart rund kopplingsdosa - Till skarvning av kabel, IP68 vattentät
- V-Tac svart rund T-kopplingsdosa - Till skarvning av kabel, IP68 vattentät

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- Instruction Manual
- Certificate Rohs
- Certificate Lvd
- Certificate Emc

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V-Tac Europas 3 största LED-producenten

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Varm vit kulör3000K
Neutral vit kulör4000K
Ljusstyrka720 lumens
Spridningsvinkel30 grader
RA>= 80
Effekt och spänning
SpänningsintervallAC: 100-240V
EnergiklassG (A-G)
Sensor kompatibelJa - Läs mer om sensor / timer och LED.
Höjd255 mm.
Diameter73 mm.